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Abstract #2608

Performance comparison with 15cm long and 23cm long birdcage coil on 7T

Nabetani A, McKinnon G, Nakada T
GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, Ltd., University of Niigata

Head loading, rather than coil geometry, dominates the B1 homogeneity at 7T. Hence, at 7T, coil geometry should be optimized with respect to SNR, or excitation power, etc. under head loading conditions. Two self-shielded 7T head-sized birdcage coils, 15cm and 23cm long, were built and compared with respect to Q value, SNR, B1 uniformity, and excitation power. The experimental measurements were also compared with the results of FDTD simulations. Under head loading conditions the 15cm coil performed better with respect to Q, SNR and power requirements, and had enough B1 coverage and similar uniformity to 23cm coil for brain study.