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Abstract #2628

Transmit Array Spatial Encoding (TRASE): A New Data Acquisition Method in MRI

King S, Sharp J, Thingvold S, Yin D, Tomanek B
National Research Council of Canada

We propose a new method of spatial encoding using a transmit-array system, called TRansmit Array Spatial Encoding (TRASE), that provides a new way of sampling k-space without the need for phase encode gradients. MRI simulations of a standard GE pulse sequence and an equivalent GE-TRASE pulse sequence show nearly identical k-space data and MR image for both methods. TRASE may provide faster data acquisition, reduce acoustic noise, enable shorter TE thus higher SNR, eliminate dB/dt in phase direction and reduce eddy current and motion artifacts. The TRASE method offers many possibilities for novel k-space trajectories.