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Abstract #2635

Estimation of myo-Inositol and macromolecule contents in Normal-appearing white and gray matter in MS using 3D-HMRSI at 3T

Nelson S, Hauser S, Pelletier D, Ratiney H, Okuda D, Graveron-Demilly D
University of California

The myo-inositol (mI) band at ~3.6 ppm was investigated at 3T using 3D HMRSI, at echo time (TE) of 40ms in 168 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and 27 healthy volunteers. The quantification of this frequency region is challenging because of severe background contamination coming from broad macromolecules and surrounding metabolite peaks (the complex Glutamate-Glutamine, taurine, glycine, alanine, glucose). In this present study, we accounted for this background while estimating mI concentration using the quantitation algorithm QUEST. Macromolecule contents in normal-appearing white matter (NAWM) are estimated to evaluate disease-related changes compared to healthy volunteers.