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Abstract #2640

Effects of Smoking on Brain Metabolite Concentrations

Lindquist D, Yi R, Gatchalian K, Landes R, Bickel W
Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Several MRS studies of substance abusers have indicated that use of drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or alcohol, is associated with changes in brain metabolism. However, there are no MRS studies examining the independent effects of smoking, another addictive behavior, on brain metabolites. Therefore, single voxel spectroscopy was used to measure brain metabolite concentrations in thalamus, frontal and parietal cortex, and hippocampus of smokers and non-smokers. Choline was reduced in the frontal cortex of smokers and creatine tended to be increased in frontal and parietal cortex. Smoking status should be considered when analyzing MRS data sets.