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Abstract #2649

New developments in dynamic time-resolved Magnetic Resonance (MR)- Angiography (TREAT) and high resolution MR-imaging of cerebral arterio-venous malformations (cAVM) using parallel imaging at 3T.

Fasol U, Dietrich O, Muacevic A, Herrmann K, Wowra B, Schoenberg S, Reiser M
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Hospitals Munich-Grosshadern

New developments in the treatment of cerebral arterio-venous malformations (cAVM) with non-invasive robotic radiosurgery enforce the demand for high-resolution 3D-imaging and dynamic angiographic techniques comprised in one examination. For precise planning of stereotactic treatment, the reliable identification of the central nidus of arterio-venous shunting as the target is crucial for successful treatment. With parallel imaging techniques and 3T technology high spatial and temporal resolution are achieved. For morphologic information, 3D-imaging with isotropic voxel size is available. Dynamic MRA with time-resolved echo-shared acquisition techniques(TREAT)provides high temporal resolution of 1/700ms permitting the delineation of the central nidus within the cAVM in the early arterial phase. Due to the 3D-properties and isotropic voxel sizes of both the morphologic sequences and dynamic TREAT, 3D-postprocessing with multiplanar reformations and image fusion is possible and can successfully be used as a basis