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Abstract #2651

In Vivo Detection of Cerebral Glutathione in Aging and Alzheimers Disease Using Selective Multiple Quantum Chemical Shift Imaging of GSH

Choi I, Sidtis J, Pomara N, Lee S
University of Kansas Medical Center, The Nathan Kline Institute

GSH is a major antioxidant and implicated in aging and many neurodegenerative diseases. However, reliable in vivo measurement of cerebral GSH has been quite challenging. Recently, we have developed a multiple quantum chemical shift imaging technique and demonstrated GSH mapping in the human brain in vivo. In various disorders including neurodegeneration, GSH level decreases in pre-symptomatic stages of diseases, indicating GSH loss may be an important contributor to the pathologic processes. Therefore, we investigated the effect of aging and Alzheimers disease on GSH content. Cerebral GSH was significantly reduced in aging and further decreased in Alzheimers disease.