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Abstract #2709

Variability in ADC and FA Measurements in Acute Ischemic Stroke

Harris A, Govindaraj M, Frayne R
University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary Health Region

ADC and FA are used to examine acute ischemic stroke. Here we calculate the minimum detectable difference in white matter (WM) and grey matter (GM) and examine variability for region-of-interest analysis in ADC and FA. The minimum detectable difference for ADC was 0.1610-3 mm2s-1 and 0.2110-3 mm2s-1 in WM and GM, respectively. For FA, the minimum detectable differences were 0.19 and 0.10 in WM and GM, respectively. There was no variability difference between drawing elliptical or free-hand regions of interest. The reliability was substantial within observers; however, there was much lower reliability between observers.