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Abstract #2713

Quantitative evaluation of the white matter tracts of the limbic system segmented by diffusion tensor tractography: feasibility study of the patients with schizophrenia

Yamada H, Ohtomo K, Yoshida M, Masumoto T, Hayashi N, Mori H, Okubo T, Yamasue H, Aoki S, Masutani Y, Kasai K, Abe O
Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo

We newly combined diffusion tensor tractography (DTT) and FA analysis for evaluation of the white matter tracts; we used DTT to segment certain white matter tracts and quantitatively analyzed the degree of deterioration of the fibers by measuring FA using semi-automated ROI method. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clinical feasibility and efficacy of this method in the patients with schizophrenia comparing between the patients and volunteers. The mean FA values of semi-automatically placed ROIs of the patients with schizophrenia were significantly lower than that of controls in the anterior cingulum, fornix, and uncinate fasciculus.