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Abstract #2716

A Refined DTI Study Shows Increased Sensitivity on an mTBI Study: Results Highly Correlated with Proteomic Findings

Zhong J, Zhu T, Bazarian J
University of Rochester, University of Rochester

Recent DTI studies on mTBI show the possibility to detect localized diffusive changes accompanying with axonal injuries in acute mTBI, with either ROI-based or voxel-base morphometry (VBM) methods. Both methods have pros and cons. In this study, we investigated a refined mTBI-DTI analysis method combining both the methods, utilizing ROI analysis on predefined mTBI vulnerable regions in the normalized space and exploring other regions with VBM. Quantitative comparison between the ROI-drawing routine in normalized space and commonly used ROI routine in native space were performed, and the DTI results were well correlated with a blood biomarker proteomic analysis.