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Abstract #2747

High spatial resolution probabilistic DT fibre tracking using seeding points from fMRI statistical parameter maps

Vucurevic G
University Hospital Mainz

1x1x2 mm spatial resolution (256x256x64) volume DTI data set obtained with 12 gradient directions (+b0; b=1000) was made with 15 separately stored acquisitions (1.7GB data set) using EPI sequence (GRAPPA image acquisition and reconstruction with acceleration gain 2) and 8 channel head coil in 1.5T MR scanner. For determining of fiber tract seedings, SPM activation maps of 2 different tasks (motoric and speech&visual) were corregistered to b0 volume image of the mean DTI data set. High spatial resolution DTI together with probabilistic fibre tracking resolved most of the problems due to fibre crossings in lower resolution DTI.