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Abstract #2843

Constrained ICAbased Ballistocardiogram and Electrooculogram Artifacts Removal from EEG Signals Acquired inside MRI

Lee S, Lee S, Lee W, In M, Kim T, Rasheed T, Lee Y
Kyung Hee University

Ballistocardiogram (BCG) and Electrooculogram (EOG) artifacts are troublesome in the simultaneous acquisition of EEG and MRI. We propose a new method for removing both artifacts simultaneously from the EEG signals acquired inside MRI using constrained Independent Component Analysis (cICA). With the designed reference functions for the BCG and EOG artifacts, cICA identifies the independent components (ICs) corresponding to the reference functions. Then artifact-removed EEG signals are reconstructed after removing the identified ICs. The performance of the cICA with reference technique has been evaluated by examining the artifact ICs and power spectrum of EEG, EOG, and EKG signals. The results show that this new approach is effective and should be useful in simultaneous EEG and fMRI studies.