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Abstract #2859

Dynamic Monitoring of the Brain Activation under Visual Stimulation Using fMRI - The Advantage of a Sliding Window Analysis

Nakai T, Bagarinao E, Matsuo K, Ohgami Y, Kato C
National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

The temporal change of the t-statistics in the V1 and V4 under visual stimuli covering different visual fields with or without coloring was estimated using a sliding window analysis based on a general linear model. By applying a correlation analysis to the time series of t-statistics, it was suggested that the activity in the V4 was bilaterally organized, and the altering color stimuli gave stronger stimulation to the V1 than did the BW stimuli. A sliding window analysis will be useful to evaluate the transition of neuronal activation in response to several sequential task conditions and the correlation among them.