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Abstract #2861

The Degree of Bilateral Organization of the Motor Areas under Unimanual Motor Execution - a Correlation Analysis Approach Using Dynamic Monitoring of t-statistics

Nakai T, Bagarinao E, Matsuo K, Ohgami Y, Kato C
National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

The degree of bilateral organization of the motor areas under unimanual motor execution was evaluated using dynamic monitoring of t-statistics. Simple or complex finger movements were performed by the right or left fingers sequentially in one session. The t-statistics time series on the right and left sides highly correlated in the SMA, PMA and thalamus, while laterality of response was observed in the M1, cerebellum and SPL in response to switching of the motion side. These results may suggest that there is no distinction between the neuronal basis of unimanual complex movements and that of the bimanual movements.