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Abstract #2868

Simultaneous Acquisition of Fat and Water Volume Images of the Breast with T2-like Contrast Using Vastly Undersampled Isotropic Projection (VIPR) SSFP

Block W, Fain S, Grist T, Jung Y, Brodsky E, Kelcz F, Liu A, Moran C
University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin

Two-dimensional T2-weighting is used in conventional breast MRI as a means to better identify pathology. We combine a 3D acquisition method with Linear Combination SSFP to simultaneously acquire fat and water volumes of the breast with T2-like contrast in a single scan. Dual half-echo vastly undersampled isotropic projection acquisition (VIPR) provides sub-millimeter isotropic resolution. Fat and water volumes, capable of being reformatted in any orientation are created in less time than conventionally acquired 2D fat suppressed T2-weighted breast images.