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Abstract #2871

High Resolution Bilateral Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Breast Imaging

Lee J, Pauly J, Cunningham C, Hargreaves B, Daniel B, Vidarsson L, Nishimura D
Stanford University

Challenges in dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) imaging includes the fast scan time and fat suppression. These problems have been previously addressed by using stack-of-spiral acquisitions with spectral-spatial excitations. However, bilateral breast exams have been difficult with such an approach due to large amounts of off-resonance in the large volume (both breasts). To solve this problem, dual-band spectral-spatial RF pulses that excite two slabs simultaneously, each with independently controlled shims and center frequency has been previously proposed. In this abstract, we present patient study results demonstrating the capability of such bilateral pulses incorporated into variable-density stack-of-spirals trajectories.