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Abstract #2874

Comparisons of Water-to-Fat Ratios in Malignant, Benign Breast Lesions, and Normal Breast Parenchyma: An In Vivo Proton MRS Study

Thakur S, Bartella L, Ishill N, Morris E, Liberman L, Dershaw D, Huang W, Hricak H, Koutcher J
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Water-to-Fat (W/F) ratios were calculated from proton MRS reference scans without water suppression and compared between malignant (n = 42), benign (n = 31) breast lesions, and normal breast parenchyma (n = 21). No significant difference was found between the benign lesions and normal tissue, while the malignant lesions had significantly (p < 0.001) higher W/F ratios compared to the benign/normal group. ROC curve analysis showed that the malignant group could be differentiated from the benign/normal group with high sensitivity and specificity. Addition of W/F ratio information may improve sensitivity of the choline-detection-based MRS method in breast cancer detection