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Abstract #2895

Parametric Mapping of Contrast Kinetics from Rapid Radial DCE-MR Breast Images

Dougherty L, Moate P, Song H, Nunes L, Rosen M, Boston R
University of Pennsylvania

From images acquired using an interleaved radial 3D DCE-MR imaging sequence, dynamic enhancement curves of breast lesions were fit to a kinetic model, yielding several kinetic features (maximal enhancement, maximal enhancing slope, time to maximal slope, and washout slope). Based on the kinetic parameters correlated with pathologic results obtained from 68 breast lesions, color maps were defined that predicted benign or malignant disease. In 9 prospective studies, 4 malignant and 5 benign lesions were correctly classified. Kinetic modeling of lesion enhancement using high-temporal resolution DCE- MRI is a useful means of characterizing benign and malignant breast lesions.