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Abstract #2897

Breast MR Electrical Impedance Tomography toward Breast Cancer Imaging

Cho Y, Heo H, Kim T, Oh S, Lee B, Woo E, Lee S
Kyung Hee University

To survive from breast cancer, early detection is the key. Recently with the increased awareness of breast cancer, novel breast imaging modalities are being actively developed to overcome inherent limitations of X-ray mammography. Although breast MR scans with contrast agents increase the sensitivity of breast cancer screening and diagnosis, low specificity and inability to image calcifications are known to be the major limitations of MR breast imaging. In this study, we introduce a new breast imaging modality that is under development: breast MR Electrical Impedance Tomography (breast MREIT). With breast MREIT, we hope to improve specificity of MRI by providing conductivity images of breast, since cancerous tissues exhibit much higher conductivity than benign. Our preliminary results show that objects that are not differentiable in MR images are clearly distinguished in conductivity images.