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Abstract #2901

Coregistration of Contrast Enhanced MRI and Broadband Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy for Characterizing Breast Cancer

Tromberg B, Su M, Yu H, Shah N, Mehta R, Cerussi A, Hsiang D, Nalcioglu O
University of California

The correlation between broadband Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy (DOS) and DCE-MRI in characterizing breast cancers was investigated. Sequential DOS and MRI studies were performed using external fiducial markers for co-registration. The 3D MRI data set was re-sliced to obtain the DOS scan plane. In all cases, DOS showed a significant tissue optical index ([water]x[deoxy-hemoglobin]/[lipid]) contrast corresponding to morphological information of the lesion shown on DCE_MRI. Sharp TOI peaks were recovered for well-circumscribed masses. These results provide qualitative confirmation of the common signal origin and complementary information content that can be achieved by combining optical and MR imaging for breast cancer characterization.