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Abstract #2903

Distribution of Steady State Contrast Agent Concentration and Interstitial Fluid Pressure in Human Xenografts

Hassid Y, Degani H, Dadiani M, Margalit R, Haran Furman E
Weizmann Institute of Science

Increased interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) in tumors creates a physical resistance to therapy. We developed a non invasive MRI application, which enabled us to estimate IFP distribution in H460 lung cancer and MCF7 breast tumors implanted in nude mice. The method is based on slow i.v infusion of GdDTPA, and measurements of T1 rates before infusion, and at steady state concentration in the blood and the tumor. Analysis of the T1 rates yields steady state "TIssue Contrast Agent Concentration"" maps, extracellular contrast agent concentration maps and consequently IFP maps. These maps correlated with independent IFP measurements by the ""wick-in-needle"" technique.