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Abstract #2905

Early effects of combretastatine A-4-P on rat bladder tumor heterografts assessed by combined carbogen based fMRI and T2 mapping

Walczak C, Kaffy J, Thomas C, Pontikis R, Jouanneau J, Volk A
Institut Curie

The purpose of the study was to assess, on rat bladder tumor heterografts, the early effects of combretastatin A-4-P (CA-4-P) on tumor vasculature and necrosis by combination of carbogen based fMRI and T2 mapping. Three regions with different T2 modifications were observed 35 minutes after CA-4-P administration. Two of these regions showed also systematically different behaviours on fMRI upon carbogen breathing. These preliminary results suggest that CA-4-P effects on tumour vasculature can be detected early by both, classical T2 mapping and fMRI upon carbogen breathing, which might be useful for non-invasive follow-up of antivascular therapy