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Abstract #2912

Short-term treatment with the triple angiokinase inhibitor, BIBF 1120, affects vascular permeability and perfusion of human tumor xenografts in nude mice.

Krssak M, Kriz M, Hilberg F
Boehringer Ingelheim Austria

This study assessed the effects of short-term treatment with an orally available triple angiokinase inhibitor, BIBF 1120, on tumor vasculature in subcutaneous tumor xenograft in mice. As measured by DCE MRI following a boluses of low- and macro- molecular Gd-based contrast agents, three days of BIBF1120 treatment reduces perfusion and permeability as well as the relative blood volume in models of head and neck (FaDu) and colon (HT-29) carcinoma. These changes can be detected prior to changes in tumor growth rate and they were more pronounced in FaDu xenografts, which presented with higher relative blood volume prior the treatment.