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Abstract #2990

CASL Perfusion MRI of the Kidney using Real-time Tracking, Free Breathing Navigator

Gach H, Wang Y, Nguyen T
Nevada Cancer Institute, University of Pittsburgh

Continuous arterial spin labeled (CASL) perfusion MRI of the abdomen is very sensitive to physiologic (respiratory) motion between successive control and label acquisitions. Motion compensation techniques like breathholds, respiratory feedback, and navigator are poorly suited for CASL. A real-time tracking, free-breathing navigator-based technique was combined with CASL to measure renal perfusion while minimizing acquisition deadtime and reducing the exertion of the patient. The technique shifts the image slice(s) synchronously with the organ in real-time to minimize control/label subtraction errors. Initial results demonstrate the proof of concept that effectively freezes the position of the organ for at least one image slice.