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Abstract #3026

Single slab-selective 3D CPMG multi-echo sequence with short inter-echo spacing for short-component T2 quantitation

Mitsouras D, Mulkern R, Rybicki F
Brigham And Womens Hospital and Harvard Medical School

A 3D single-slab Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill pulse sequence was developed for the detection of short T2 components. This application requires both high SNR, typically requiring averaging of the order of 25 mins for single-slice mapping, as well as short inter-echo spacing. This scan time can be used more efficiently for spatial localization in 3D, although high quality slab-selective pulses are necessary. To accommodate these while avoiding elongating the inter echo spacing which would conflict with the detection of fast relaxing components, a dual echo spacing approach was used. Accurate T2 maps over large volumes were thus obtained in typical for the application scan times.