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Abstract #3028

Comparison of long-T2 suppression techniques for 3D Ultrashort Echo-Time Imaging

Blume U, Brnert P, Rahmer J, Holz D
University of Applied Science Koblenz

Ultrashort echo-time (UTE) imaging can be used to visualize short-T2 species. To selectively show only the short-T2 signal components, different approaches have been proposed using appropriate magnetization preparation or multi-echo techniques subtracting the long T2 signal components. In this work, 3D UTE imaging is performed with focus on musculoskeletal applications, to compare a magnetization preparation approach with the dual echo approach for long-T2 suppression. While magnetization preparation directly yields the desired image contrast, the dual echo technique is more time-efficient and seems to be more robust against off-resonance effects.