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Abstract #3032

Pulse Sequence Programming in a Dynamic Visual Environment

Magland J, Wehrli F
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

SequenceTree is a visual NMR pulse sequence programming environment which seeks to provide flexibility within a user-friendly environment. The software is independent of any commercial scanner, but can be interfaced to a variety of scanners, provided that the appropriate conversion tools are created (such a tool has been created for Siemens scanners, and progress has been made interfacing to Bruker). The programmer manipulates sequence objects using mouse clicks and menus, and the software provides a visual display of the sequence at all stages of development. The modular design of SequenceTree allows visual copying and pasting of pulse sequence blocks, and advanced users may create custom objects for use within any sequence. Several dozen pulse sequences have been programmed with SequenceTree by students and researchers in the authors laboratory.