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Abstract #3048

A novel method using a single selective editing pulse for in vivo glutathione editing at 3 Tesla

Weinberger D, Shen J, Zhang Y, Marenco S
National Institute of Mental Health

Glutathione is an important marker of oxidative stress. Here we propose a new method for glutathione editing which uses a single selective editing pulse and corrects the transient Bloch-Siegert phase shift with precalibrated postacquisition phase correction. The phase correction procedure allows clean subtraction of the intense creatine signals at 3.0 and 3.9 ppm, choline signal at 3.2 ppm and NAA signal at 2.0 ppm. Since only a single editing pulse is used, additional B1 inhomogeneity and coherence leakage caused by a second editing pulse are avoided. The new method is applied to glutathione editing in the human brain.