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Abstract #3069

Natural Linewidth Chemical Shift Imaging (NL-CSI)

Bashir A, Yablonskiy D
Washington University in St. Louis

Fourier reconstructed phase encoded CSI data suffer from well-known cross-voxel contamination effects. SLIM reconstruction was previously proposed to eliminate this phenomenon. In this study we demonstrate that the presence of even small magnetic field inhomogeneities substantially amplifies inter-voxel signal leakage in both Fourier and SLIM reconstruction approaches. We have developed a new reconstruction algorithm (Natural Linewidth CSI (NL-CSI)) that allows complete removal of magnetic field inhomogeneity effects from the CSI-acquired MR signal. The results show voxel spectra which are free of inter-voxel signal contamination and intra-voxel phase dispersion resulting in substantial improvement of signal lineshape and data specificity.