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Abstract #3082

Metabolic Mapping of the Brain by Volumetric MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Maudsley A, Darkazanli A, Alger J, Hall L, Schuff N, Studholme C, Yu Y, Frew A, Gu Y, Goldgof D, Pagare R, Rousseau F, Soher B, Weber P, Young K
University of Miami

Analysis of MR spectroscopic data from the brain optimally requires comparisons with normal metabolite distributions, which are known to vary by tissue type, region, and demographic factors such as age. For MR Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) it is particularly beneficial if this information is available from the whole brain, facilitating statistical tests to detect both local and widespread metabolic changes. To this aim, an integrated set of processing tools has been developed (MIDAS) that provide fully-automated MRSI and MRI data, formation of a brain metabolite database, and comparisons between subject and database metabolite values.