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Abstract #3090

Characterisation of muscle type lipid relaxation parameters for quantification of intramyocellular lipids evolution in Zucker rats

Fissoune R, Briguet A, Grenier D, Soulas E
Laboratoire de RMN CNRS UMR 5012

1H-MRS is being increasingly used for investigations of human and animal muscle physiology. It is currently the only technique that enables non-invasive monitoring of IMCL levels in vivoThe knowledge of apparent relaxation times of IMCL and EMCL in muscle tissue is required for optimization of sequence parameters and for quantification. Up to now, all reported IMCL quantifications in rats were performed using creatine as reference. However, in some applications creatine concentration could be influenced by age and animal model. In present study, the relaxation parameters of the two pools of lipids in zucker rats at 7 teslas are determined. Quantification of lipids independently to creatine is proposed.