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Abstract #3109

Ultrafast 3D Imaging of Hyperpolarized 13C In Vivo

Bhattacharya P, Harris K, Mansson M, Lin A, Norton V, Ross B, Perman W, Weitekamp D
California Institute of Technology, Huntington Medical Research Institutes

The goal of this work is to develop a fast 3D method of maximum intensity projection (MIP) imaging using hyperpolarized 13C MR angiography in vivo. The PASADENA polarizer was individually optimized for production of two hyperpolarized water soluble molecules. Fast multiple-phase 3D-FIESTA 13C imaging was performed on a GE clinical 1.5T scanner before, during and after injection of the hyperpolarized molecule into the jugular vein of rats. The MIP images thereby obtained demonstrate the extent of signal enhancement in the cardiopulmonary circulation. The sequence was effective for imaging hyperpolarized 13C reagents produced in a custom-built parahydrogen polarizer enhancing SNR 25,000-fold. In vivo signal enhancements in PASADENA exceed 2000-fold.