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Abstract #3113

17O imaging for the evaluation of physiological function in the tumor bearing mice

Narazaki M, Kanazawa Y, Ikehira H, Koike S, Ando K
National Institute of Radiological Sciences

17O-H2O MRI has been proposed for the blood flow and oxygen consumption rate measurement. To overcome technical difficulty due to the low sensitivity and short T2 of 17O, highly sensitive H217O imaging was investigated in tumor bearing mice at 7T. H217O distribution in non-enriched mice was successfully visualized in 10 min by FISP. An i.v. injection of 5% 17O saline dramatically improved image quality. Regional 17O image intensity was in good agreement with the 17O NMR intensities of excised organs. FISP is useful for H217O imaging. This method will be applicable to the oxygen consumption mapping in brain and tumor.