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Abstract #3117

Establishing a Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Imaging Protocol at 7.0T

Meier P, Thompson M, Franke I, Schild H, Scheef L, Duraj J, Hoogenraad F, Gieseke J, Meyer C, Manka C, Traeber F, Kuhl C
University of Bonn

There is evidence that MR imaging at higher magnetic fields (3.0T) does allow a more sensitive detection of demyelinating plaques in patients with multiple sclerosis. Aim of this pilot (""proof of principle"") study was to establish a pulse sequence protocol for MS patients at even higher magnetic fields (7T). A small cohort of 6 volunteers underwent MR imaging at 7.0T in order to establish a 7.0T MRI protocol that is in accordance with NMSS guidelines, and that consists of T2-w TSE images, FLAIR, and T1-w images before and after contrast. Then, so far 2 patients with multiple sclerosis underwent (contrast enhanced) MR imaging at 7.0T with the protocol; results were compared with the respective patients' findings at 3.0T and 1.5T.