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Abstract #3131

Advanced dynamic MR imaging of the cervical spine using the new NeuroSwing® positioning system in healthy volunteers and patients

Pinker K, Liebisch J, Eberhardt K, Salomonowitz E, Schindler R
MR Centre of Excellence

The aim of this study was the functional MRI of the cervical spine in volunteers and patients using NeuroSwing-positioning-system as an integrated concept with a newly developed external energy-operated device and an optimized software. 40 healthy volunteers and 20 patients were enrolled in this study. Dynamic MRI of the cervical spine was performed (1.5T, 3D-HASTE, True FISP, T1/T2w-TSE). Functional range of movement was comparable with physiological measurements. MRI of the cervical spine with NeuroSwing?-positioning-system allowed reproducible investigations in arbitrary functional positions. Cryptic lesions were detected in volunteers and patients and allowed improved visualization of nerve roots, ligaments and vertebral joints.