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Abstract #3158

Region-of-Interest Analysis vs. Non-Region-of-Interest Histogram Analysis in the Evaluation of Cerebral Gliomas

Young R, Pollack E, Lu H, Babb J, Johnson G, Law M
NYU Medical Center

Dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion magnetic resonance imaging (DSC MRI) of gliomas is most commonly analyzed using region-of-interest (ROI) measurements. We compare the routine ROI method with ROI and non-ROI histogram methods in the grading of glial neoplasms. Our results show that our routine analysis using rCBVmax was the most useful technique (r=0.734, p<0.0001), followed by rCBV peritumoral, tumoral and total tumoral histogram analysis. Further refinement of the total tumoral histogram method may allow for automated, non-ROI based analysis of DSC MRI, potentially improving intra-observer, inter-observer and inter-institutional reproducibility.