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Abstract #3180

Assessment of Emerging Chemotherapeutic Tumor Resistance to BCNU

Muthuswami M, Chenevert T, Kuszpit K, Ross B, Rehemtulla A, Lee K, Schepkin V
University of Michigan Medical School

Proton Diffusion (ADC mapping) and Sodium MRI were tested together with the goal of developing a biomarker for tumor cell response during cancer therapy. ADC and sodium demonstrate a remarkable correlation between each other during BCNU therapy of 9L rat subcutaneous tumor, representing the same process of tumor cellularity changes. Two administrations of BCNU chemotherapy using two different doses revealed that aggressive treatment leads to a more advanced decrease in tumor sensitivity. In-vivo results were confirmed by in-vitro assay. The study demonstrates that both imaging modalities can reflect the efficacy of tumor therapy and emerging chemotherapy resistance.