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Abstract #3209

SNR Improvement by Modification of Wiener Filter for the Applications of Acquiring Multiple Similar Data: Application to Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Kimura T
Toshiba Medical Systems Corp.

When applying Wiener filter to improve noisy image, the smaller the noise effects on signal power Ps, the better performance on the SNR improvement of noisy data. Here we proposed a modified WF (called mean-Ps) of improving SNR of Ps by averaging multiple similar data for specific applications. We assessed the performance of our proposed method for the standard Fourier WF (FT-WF) as well as the WF applied Fresnel transform (FR-WF) on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). The mean-Ps method resulted in the better improvement of SNR particularly in FR-WF compared with the conventional method of using single data for Ps.