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Abstract #3212

Simplified and Higher Degree-of-freedom Correction Method of Spatially Inhomogeneous Noise on Parallel MR Images obtained with Surface Array Coils

Kimura T, Machida Y
Toshiba Medical Systems Corp.

We developed and assessed a simplified method of correcting inhomogeneous noise on parallel imaging and standard surface-coil imaging due to inhomogeneous coil sensitivity. After correcting coil-sensitivity, equivalently nonuniform filtering was performed by weighted summation of non-filtered and uniformly filtered image using coil-sensitivity window. Two types of uniform filters, linear-space-invariant and structure-adaptive, for several smoothing strengths were compared. The proposed method could provide images on which noise was homogeneously reduced and blur was minimized particularly by using adaptive type. Proposed method is useful for improving inhomogeneous noise with preserving structure and can provide easy and higher degree-of-freedom implementations on commercial MRI.