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Abstract #3214

Separation of C-13 Metabolites with Chemical Shift Imaging

Grist T, Yen Y, Reeder S, Brittain J
University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin

A new chemical shift imaging approach for separation of C-13 labeled metabolites is described for the separation of C-13 labeled alanine, pyruvate, and lactate. This method requires a priori knowledge of the resonant frequencies of these species, as well as the relative signal from the two pyruvate peaks, one of which is close to alanine. Using a C-13 phantom at 3.0T, the new method demonstrate good qualitative agreement with echo planar spectroscopic imaging (EPSI), while only using 1/16th as much data as EPSI. This approach may be advantageous for hyperpolarized C-13 metabolic applications for reduced scan time compared with EPSI.