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Abstract #3245

Articular cartilage under static load: A quantitative polarized light microscopic imaging study correlated with micro-MRI (&[micro]MRI) findings

Xia Y, Fozouni N, Aksovski I, Alhadlaq H
Oakland University

Changes in the organization of the collagen fiber network in loaded articular cartilage were investigated through microscopic MRI (&[micro]MRI) and polarized light microscopy (PLM) imaging. The relative thickness of the superficial zone (SZ) was shown to be dependent of strain from both MR T2 maps and PLM maps, validating previously reported MRI findings. No significant correlations were established for the transitional (TZ) and deep zones. The angle map showed a shift of the middle of the transition between the SZ and the TZ away from the cartilage surface, in agreement with the shift of T2 peak observed in MRI results.