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Abstract #3247

Quantitative Sodium MR Imaging of the Human Brain at 3.0T

Li B, Thulborn K, Damen F, Atkinson I, Reynolds G, Flannery M, Boada F, Zhou X, Claiborne T
GE Healthcare

Quantitative tissue sodium concentration (TSC) provides an effective and direct measure of tissue viability. Higher field strengths and an efficient k-space acquisition scheme are particularly desirable for sodium imaging. This paper shows that accurate TSC values can be measured in human brains at the increasingly common clinical field strength of 3.0T, using a Twisted Projection Imaging technique, obtaining clinically-useful resolution (nominal 0.064cc) in <9min. Improved SNR and reduced partial volume effects at 3.0T allows more accurate TSC quantification at 3.0T than at 1.5T.