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Abstract #3284

FMRI during spinal cord stimulation in chronic pain patients

Kozak J, Vrba I, Vrana J, Polacek H, Rokyta R, Ibrahim I, Tintera J, Stancak A
Faculty Hospital Motol

Electrical spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is used to alleviate intractable neuropathic pain. We performed fMRI study in 8 patients during SCS with the block design comprising 3 conditions: a) SCS, b) heat painful stimulation (HPS) applied to the leg and c) simultaneous HPS and SCS.Significant activation during SCS was found in dorsal medial primary motor cortex (M1, Brodmann area 4) corresponding to foot motor area in all patients. The de-activation was found in the primary somatosensory cortex corresponding to representation of the tight or hip. The SCS-related activation in the foot motor area increased during heat pain stimulation.