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Abstract #3288

Brain Activity Pattern of Dyslexic Readers Approaches the Pattern of Normal Readers Following Training With A Reading Acceleration Paradigm

Kushnir T, Kowen M, Karni A, Balas M, Sterkin A, Manor D, Breznitz Z
The Chaim Sheba Medical Center

A special training procedure, the acceleration reading training (ART) results in a persistent improvement of reading effectiveness of both normal readers and reading-impaired (dyslexic) readers. We used fMRI to study the long term affect of ART on brain activation of dyslexics. Our results suggest that improved reading following ART is accompanied by altered brain activation pattern in dyslexics that approaches the activation pattern evoked in normal readers. We propose, that ART may have resulted in the establishment of a more effective cortical network for reading in the dyslexic brain, more similar to the one employed by normal readers.