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Abstract #3290

Characterization of non-evoked pain after a surgical incision

Pfleiderer B, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Zahn P, Meinhardt A, Wagner C
University Hospital Mnster

Little is known about the functional significance of distinct brain regions after tissue injuries like postoperative pain. The activation of different brain areas after an experimental surgical incision was assessed. A distinct temporal profile of activity within specific brain regions occurred: 0-2 min after incision an increasing activation of the limbic system (BA23/24) was observed. During incision there was an activation of frontal brain regions (BA 6-9). Peak brain activity occurred 4.5-10 min after incision and subsequently neuronal activity decreased. There was a strong correlation 0-10 min after incision between non-evoked pain ratings during incision and ventrolateral thalamus activation