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Abstract #3294

Ballistocardiac artifact removal from the EEG recorded in fMRI and its application to the epileptic interictal spikes

Yoon H, Chung J, Kang J, Oh S, Park H

The simultaneous recording of fMRI and EEG provides an efficient signal for the high spatiotemporal brain mapping because each modality provides complementary information. One of remarkable examples of combining these two techniques is an analysis of the epileptic interictal spike. A major difficulty in interpreting EEG signals including the epileptic interictal spike from simultaneous EEG/fMRI data is that severe artifacts are induced in the EEG by the pulsatile motion of the heartbeats. We propose a novel algorithm to remove the ballistocardiac artifact using the characteristics of ballistocardiac artifacts, removing artifacts caused by heartbeats and preserves the epileptic interictal spike perfectly.