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Abstract #3299

Simultaneous EEG and ASL Perfusion fMRI during Resting and Mental Calculation: A Preliminary Study

Rao H, Wang J, Dinges D, DuRousseau D, Censits D, Roalf D, Aguirre G, Detre J, Wang Z
University of Pennsylvania

The present study concurrently recorded EEG and ASL perfusion fMRI during three states of eyes closed (EC), eyes open (EO), and mental calculation (MC). Perfusion fMRI revealed greater visual activation for EO than EC, and greater frontal and parietal activations for MC than EC. EEG spectral analysis revealed greater alpha component in posterior brain for EC than EO, and greater delta and theta components in frontal areas for MC than EC. Both fMRI and EEG results were consistent with existing literatures in each modality, demonstrating the feasibility of simultaneous EEG and ASL perfusion fMRI for multi-model neuroimaging studies.