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Abstract #3310

Non-Breath-Hold Diffusion Weighted Imaging for the Body: Signal Characteristics, Artifacts and Lesion Conspicuity

Nozaki A, Tooyama N, Sakahara H, Ichijo K, Takehara Y, Takahashi M
General Electric Yokogawa Medical System,Ltd

The purpose of this study is to assess utility in body diffusion weighted imaging.@111 consecutive patients were examined using a 1.5T MRI scanner and abdominal images using non-breath-hold diffusion weighted SE-EPI were obtained. All malignant and inflammatory lymphadenopathy showed extremely high CNR. The signal of the lesions was higher than surrounding tissue in 88% of the malignant neoplasm, in 58% of the benign neoplasm and in 66% of the inflammatory processes. The sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of malignant neoplasm were 82% and 58% respectively. Body diffusion weighted imaging may be a useful in terms of highlighting the lesions