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Abstract #3326

Sequence Design for Prostate Spectroscopy with an External Transceive Phased Array Coil at 4T

Near J, Pinkerton R, Bartha R
University of Western Ontario, Robarts Research Institute

An external transceive surface coil array has been developed as an alternative to the invasive endorectal coils most commonly used for prostate imaging. Such an RF coil cannot be effectively operated with conventional pulse sequences due to the inhomogenous transmit field that is produced. Therefore, a pulse sequence is presented that performs outer volume suppression, water suppression, localization and fat suppression with insensitivity to B1 inhomogeneities. Outer volume suppression is achieved using BISTRO, and localization is performed with LASER, both of which are fully adiabatic. Imaging and spectroscopy are demonstrated in phantoms with this coil and pulse sequence at 4T.