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Abstract #3328

MR imaging of the female pelvis at 3T:evaluation of image heterogeneity using different dielectric pads

Kataoka M, Isoda H, Maetani Y, Nakamoto Y, Koyama T, Umeoka S, Tamai K, Kido A, Saga T, Morisawa N, Togashi K
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

This study aimed to evaluate the improvement of signal inhomogeneity at pelvic MR imaging at 3T using two different dielectric pads on T2WI, T1WI and HASTE. Six healthy females were scanned by 3 T MR scanner and series of imaging was repeated with the use of US gel pad (doped with Gd-DTPA), water-filled solution bag (doped with MnCl2), and without using pad. Variation of signal intensity of fat was used to evaluate homogeneity. Images obtained with both pads (US gel or water) significantly improved signal inhomogeneity and there was no significant difference between these pads regarding the improvement of homogeneity.