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Abstract #3331

Prostatic lesion of low ADC value: evaluation by using targeted biopsy

Watanabe Y, Nagayama M, Okumura A, Amoh Y, Oda K, Ishimori T, Kiyono T, Nakada K, Mitsui H, Morimoto N, Tabuchi T, Kumashiro M, Sugioka T, Ito O, Ohtsuki K, Dodo Y, Araki T
Kurashiki Central Hospital

The detectability of prostate cancer by using systematic biopsy has not been very high. In order to determine the detectability of ADC map for prostate cancer, biopsy was performed to target at lesions suspected of cancer by ADC map in this study. Lesions less than 1.3x10-3 mm2/sec of ADC value have been sampled by targeted biopsy and evaluated histologically. Among 68 lesions examined by targeted biopsy, total 35 lesions (52 %) proved to be adenocarcinoma. Low ADC values in combination with targeted biopsy can provide higher detectability of prostate cancer.